Where to watch Purple Rain this weekend

While presenting the Grammy for best album last year, Prince said, “Like books and black lives,albumsstillmatter.”

So do movie theaters at least when they’re playing the music legend’s semi autobiographical filmPurple Rain.

cheap jerseys AMC Theaters will screen Purple Rainin 87 theaters across the country over the next few days, according to the company website. In the film directed by Albert Magnoli,Prince stars as “The Kid,” an up and coming musician in Minneapolisstruggling with tension from his bandmates and fierce competition, while trying to escape his troubled family life through his music.

Back in 1984 when the movie was released,Purple Raingrossed more than $68 million just about 10 times the cost to make the film and would become the 11th highest grossing film of the year. At one point, he had the No. 1 single, the No. 1 album and the No. 1 movie in the country.


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