2016 Playoffs Hockey Pool


Postmedia Network Inc. (hereinafter, the ‘Contest organizers’). It runs on the Internet and begins Monday, April 12, 2015 at 12:01 am EST andends Saturday, June 20, 2015 or two days after the final of the Playoffs at 11:59 pm EST (hereinafter, the ‘ Contest period’).

This contest is open to all persons residing in Canada (excluding Quebec) that have reached the age of majority in the province or territory of their residence at the time of entry . Excluded are employees, agents and representatives of contest organizers, of their parent and affiliated companies, their advertising and promotional agencies, partners, suppliers of prizes, materials and services related to this contest, or any other party directly linked to the holding of this contest, or their brother, sister, children, mother, father, their legal or common law spouse and individuals with whom such employees, agents and representatives are domiciled. Minors and residents of Quebec can download the entry form, but cannot win prizes under contest rules.

3.1. NO PURCHASE NECCESSARY. To participate, you simply have to respect the eligibility conditions outlined herein and participate in one of the following ways. You may also enter via your Facebook profile by creating an account and filling out the required fields in the pool entry form (hereinafter, the ‘ Entry form’). Enter the exact information to allow contest organizers to contact you if you win a prize. It is the responsibility of each entrant to indicate a valid telephone number where they may be reached between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm week days. By participating in the contest, you understand that neither the prize supplier, the promotional participant , contest organizers, affiliates or contest partners have any liability with respect to any damages out of acceptance and use of a prize.wholesale nfl jerseys

Entrants must respect the following limits, otherwise the contest organizers reserve the right to cancel one or several of their entries:Must have reached the age of majority in the province or territory of their residence at the time of entry

Must conform to the rules. . One entry (1) per person for the duration of the contest.

3.2. How the pool works and guidelines

Each entrant must complete an entry form choosing, for each proposed group, a player among the choices offered. Each player, depending on their on ice performance, will accumulate points during playoff season games according to the category’s specific scoring rules.

Each player, depending on their on ice performance will accumulate points during playoff season games according to the scoring rules in the category.

The playoff season is divided into 4 rounds. Once a round is over, until the next round starts, you can make changes without a limit to the amount of players traded. Points earned by entrants remain the same even if they change certain players. During a trade, points are not calculated retroactively, only points generated by the new player from the next day, will be counted.

An entrant’s rankings are determined by the number of points accumulated during a round or for the playoff season.

At the end of a round or playoff season (as applicable), if there is a tie in total points between two (2) or more entrants, the entrant having played the fewest matches total wins. If the number of games played by an entrant’s players does not determine a Winner, the following tiebreaker will be applied consecutively to determine a sole Winner:Number of goals scored (highest number wins).Number of assists (highest number wins).

In the case of a tie in ranking to obtain the expected prize, a random drawing will be conducted to determine the Winner among the entrants who are tied. The first entrant to be drawn will be the Winner, the second, the runner up and so forth.

Each selected entrant in accordance with the rules will be contacted by the contest organizer’s representatives and prior to receiving the prize, must correctly answer, unaided, a mathematical skill testing question (hereinafter, the ‘Math question’) . Following a correct answer to the math question, entrants will be declared the winner (hereinafter, the ‘Winner’), subject to compliance with the conditions described herein.

Each round during the transaction period, from end date of a round until the start date of the next round, entrants can change as many players in as many categories they desire.

Any computer problem related to the management and access to the pool is not the contest organizer’s responsibility. Any decision regarding the interpretation of the pool’s rules of operation is at the discretion of the Contest organizers. Their decision is final and binding. Modifications to the contest rules and regs can be made by the Contest organizers, such modifications to be reproduced on the Contest’s website.

4.1 In total, (5) five prizes are awarded, as follows: four (4) round prizes for best scorers and one (1) grand prize at the end of playoff season. The total value of all prizes awarded in the Contest is: $1,400 CAN.

4.2.1 Round Prizes Best Scorers

Each round during the contest period, one (1) prize will be awarded, totaling four (4) prizes. Each round Winner will receive a Best Buy Gift card for one hundred dollars ($100) (hereinafter, the ‘Round Prize Winners’). The winners will be selected based on the highest number of points accumulated during the designated round and who comply with regulations.

The value of each round prize is: $100 CAN.

The total value of round prizes is: $400 CAN.

4.2.2. End of Contest Prize Best Scorer

At the end of the contest period, one (1) prize of a One Thousand dollar Spending Spree at Best Buy ($1000 in Best Buy Gift cards) (hereinafter, the ‘ End of Contest Prize Winner’) will be awarded. The winner will be selected based on the highest number of points accumulated at the end of the contest period and who comply with regulations.


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