Pride players full of surprises

EDT April 14, 2016

The Orlando Pride introduced their home and away kits on Thursday.(Photo: Michael Parsons/)But that was the case Thursday afternoon as members of the media got a backstage passat the Orlando Pride Media Day. And I learned that this team is an eclectic bunch with a wide range of interests and ‘talents’ beyond soccer.

While I have never been to a speed dating event, I can only imagine it would have been a lot like this.Cheap Jerseys from china Every two to four minutes another player sat down across from me and we would chat about everything from the preseason to its first game Sunday against Portland to what age they started playing soccer.

So keeping up with that pace, here is a quick look at what I learned about some of the players.

For instance, Monica Hickmann Alves, a defender, listens to Justin Bieber and is a ‘really good singer.’ She also plays the guitar.

I almost asked for a demonstration, but time was ticking!

Midfielder Dani Weatherholt, who was officially signed earlier in the day, loves photography and being from California of course is a beach girl. But her father still wishes she had chosen another sport.

“My dad is an avid golfer and absolutely wants me to be playing golf to this day. He will call me and ask why I am not playing golf,” said Weatherholt, who was a fourth round draft pick by the Pride.

Maddy Evans, Steph Catley and Laura Alleway have become fast friends and go out for coffee, play cards and just relax in their down time.

“It’s been huge to live in the same city as Servando,” Morgan said. “I am so grateful just to have this opportunity, it has been five years since I have been able to go to work and come home and have a normal life with my husband. It’s nice to get into a routine and have that support system rather than to have it through the phone, actually go home and feel like you are home and not living different lives with multiple homes across the country. It is just really nice to make roots somewhere.”

Buy PhotoThe Orlando Pride away jersey (Photo: Michael Parsons/)

For Cami Levin, the opportunity to play soccer for the first time came because of a family friend.

“My parents are South African and actually did not know that women played soccer,” the defender said with a smile. “I had a family friend that suggested I play soccer because I had so much energy. My dad followed English soccer and knows a lot about the game but they were never aware of the women’s side of it or what possibilities were out there for me. It was never known at that time.”

One thing all of the players can agree on is that they are excited to get the season started and the goals are simple win games and make the playoffs.

“Of course we want to make the playoffs and win a championship, nobody ever comes into a season saying they just want to win a couple of games,” said defender Kristen Edmonds. “I think we can surprise everybody and that is kind of our goal.”


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